How to Make Piano a Fun and Productive Part of Homeschooling

Integrating piano practice into homeschooling routines offers a unique opportunity to cultivate musical skills, enhance cognitive development, and provide a sense of accomplishment. However, finding the right balance between fun and productivity can be a challenge. In this article, we will delve into the key factors that impact how to make piano practice a rewarding […]

10 Tips to Make Learning Piano Fun Again

The mesmerizing world of learning piano is like embarking on a soulful adventure, one that spans across generations. With each touch on the keys, a unique narrative unfolds, intertwining personal stories with age-old musical tales. Just as any profound journey, learning piano has hurdles. Yet, the true essence of mastering the piano doesn't lie in […]

How to Check Out a Pre-Owned Piano Before Buying: Part Two

Equipping yourself with essential basic knowledge of piano parts, their function, and critical problems to look for will undoubtedly prove helpful while shopping for a pre-owned piano. As we discussed in the previous article, you will likely make an initial assessment of a piano on your own while searching for the ideal instrument to purchase. […]

How to Check Out a Pre-Owned Piano Before Buying

Shopping for a used piano is an exciting venture, and buyers should have a plan in mind to do a preliminary check of the instrument’s condition before purchasing. Ideally, the best option is to have a pre-owned piano entirely inspected by a trained technician, but often a buyer will take a first look at the […]

Vertical or Grand Piano?

Buying a piano for your home is an exciting decision, whether for lessons or personal enjoyment. As you consider your budget and space in your home, you will need to determine if a vertical or a grand piano best suits your wishes and requirements.    Each variation of upright and grand pianos offers advantages and disadvantages […]

How to Find a Used Piano

A quality used piano can be an excellent choice for beginning your child’s piano lessons or for your personal enjoyment. A used piano tends to be more affordable than a new one and often offers superb value for your budget. Knowing exactly how or where to find an excellent used instrument, however, can be a […]

How to Sell Your Piano

Selling your piano is a challenge as it is a large investment of time for any buyer to make. As a seller, you will have to compete for the buyer’s attention by creating an image that your piano is better than other sellers’ listings. If you’ve decided that selling your piano is the right step […]

Should I Rebuild My Piano?

The key to maintaining a piano is servicing its parts routinely. However, since there are so many mechanisms within a piano, they will inevitably wear down over time, creating more frequent problems.  Eventually, there comes a point at which the defects in your piano make it less enjoyable to play. Finer tweaks and fixes stop […]

Benefits of Buying a Used Piano

Most of us love the thrill and excitement we experience from purchasing a brand new luxury item. That same feeling entices people when they walk into a showroom filled with beautiful, new pianos and envision one in their home. However, just because a piano is new, does that mean it’s the best option for beginning […]

Piano Care and Maintenance

Now that you have invested in a beautiful piano and had it delivered, it is time to think about how to care for it through the years. Proper piano care ensures the instrument’s best playing condition and durability, providing enjoyment for yourself and the aspiring musicians of your family. You are probably familiar with standard […]

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