The Impact of Music Lessons on Children

If you are a parent, you want your children to be happy. One big part of helping your kids achieve happiness is being able to encourage their creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Learning to play an instrument is a fantastic way to help your child develop all of these qualities.  When children learn how to play […]

Why Do We Need to Raise Pitch Before Piano Tuning?

Maintenance is essential to keep your piano sounding and playing optimal. However, it’s easy to forget to tune your piano at least twice a year. If your technician says your piano needs a pitch raise before it’s tuned, they’re telling you that your piano is too far out of tune to tweak the strings to […]

Action Regulation of Your Piano

As highlighted in our other articles, the key to extending the life of your piano is to maintain it. Maintenance does not only include humidity control, tuning, and voicing, but regulating the action of the strings as well. In this article we will talk about regulating the action of your piano, the methods of doing […]

Voicing Your Piano

After you purchase your piano, it is important that you continue to service it to keep it sounding the way you want. Voicing, although often overlooked, is vital to a piano’s sound. This article will help you understand what voicing is, how it affects your piano, and when and why you should consider voicing your […]

Humidity Regulation and Your Piano

As discussed in our previous article, humidity is by far the most important factor in a piano’s tuning changes throughout the year. This guide will help you understand the effects of humidity on your instrument and what you can do to monitor or change the environment near your piano.  Humidity’s Effect on your Piano To […]

Piano Tuning: What You Need to Know About it

Pianos are very complex instruments and must be cared for year-round. For a piano to stay in its best shape, it must be tuned several times each year. The best possible approach to this would be to request service for your piano. It is important to understand a few key details about your piano. This […]

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