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Pianos For Sale

We sell top quality, pre-owned pianos including brands like Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Kawai, Yamaha and many others. We make sure that we carefully refurbish each instrument.

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Repair and Service

Rely on us for any piano service from periodic tuning, voicing or regulation to keep your instrument in the good condition that it deserves. We are proud of our craft.

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Total restorations or small repairs of your piano - we can help you with any level of restorations that your instrument may need. We will assess your instrument and provide an estimate of time and cost.

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Quality Pre-owned Pianos for Sale

If you’re in the market for a piano, consider the great value you can get by buying one that’s pre-owned. We sell top quality brands like Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Kawai Yamaha and many others. With our attention to detail we place every piano in like new condition.

Hulme and Sweeney covers all phases of your purchase from helping you choose the right piano, to delivery, installation and maintenance.
  • I bought my piano from Hulme & Sweeney over 20 years ago. It is a gorgeous, beautiful sounding piano, and through the years Tony and Randy have provided tuning, maintenance, and repair that has been exemplary. 

    After studying piano for 20 years, then earning Bachelor's and Master's degrees from great music schools, and finally spending the past 30 years as a professional composer and concert pianist, I know a good piano when I play one and I know a good piano technician when I hire one...and Hulme & Sweeney are as good as they get. 

    They know instruments, they know music, and they have skill resulting from decades of faithful service to their customers. Aside from their professionalism - they are highly reliable and attentive to your piano's needs - they are also just super nice, down to earth people you will like to have in your home...and through the years they become part of your musical family.

    Juliana H.
  • "We purchased our piano from Hulme and Sweeney 15 years ago. Tony has tuned our piano ever since. He is always on time and professional. Our piano always sounds great. Tony is honest, skilled and very pleasant. We will always use Hulme and Sweeney for our piano."

    Alison L.
  • "We bought our used Steinway studio upright from Hulme & Sweeney 21 years ago, and Tony has tuned it ever since. He has provided superb, consistent, professional service throughout the years, and we welcome his visits as we would those of a dear friend. We offer our highest recommendation, and we are grateful for the years of outstanding piano maintenance."

    Anne P.
  • "Tony is fantastic! He knows so much and is a delight to have in our home to tune our piano! He is knowledgeable and professional and will care for your instrument like it was his own."

    Judith B.
  • "Over a decade of great service with Tony! Piano always sounds great and Tony always has good recommendations on how to make it even better. His scheduler, Kathy, has also been patient, flexible, and accommodating. That's actually a big deal with Tony being so in-demand and the time it takes out of your day to have the job done right. So, yes, I highly recommend Hulme & Sweeney! It's an easy tune to follow."

    Taylor S.
  • "We recently purchased a refurbished Steinway from Hulme & Sweeney. I could not be more satisfied. Tony was a great pleasure to interact with -- cheerful, professional, competent. Our new piano looks and sounds wonderful, it is everything that was promised and more."

    Peter R.

Repair & Service

Pianos may seem sturdy and imposing, but actually they’re sensitive musical instruments. Each is an individual and it takes an experienced technician to bring out its unique sound. Hulme and Sweeney will handle any piano service from periodic tuning, voicing or regulation to keep your instrument in the good condition that it deserves. 
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Your piano needs care and attention to keep it performing at its best. Things may break here and there requiring repairs. Regular tuning is a must. Voicing and regulation should happen periodically. Whether you’re diligent about regular tuning or you’ve let it slide, Hulme and Sweeney will show you the benefits of our expert dedication to our craft.

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