Experts at rebuilding. Craftsmanship guaranteed.
We offer complete rebuilding services including the entire piano structure, soundboard, bridges, pinblock, strings as well as the action, keybed, case and parts. We can restore the piano to its original condition or better. 

However, some pianos may only require partial restoration.
We will assess your instrument and provide an estimate of time and cost. If you’re having trouble deciding what to do, we will advise you of the value of the instrument and what the result will be.

With over 40 years of experience, with our highest level of workmanship and expertise, we will make sure that your instrument performs to its greatest potential.

The highest level of workmanship and expertise

Rely on our experience, knowledge and care to bring the piano to like-new condition.

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247 Farms Village Rd,
West Simsbury, CT 06092
247 Farms Village Rd,
 West Simsbury, CT 06092
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