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Pianos for Sale

PIANO-ID# 1032

Piano ID#  1032
Baldwin Grand
Model SF10

PIANO-ID# 1214

Piano ID#  1214
Baldwin Console

PIANO-ID# 1250

Piano ID#  1250
Walter Console
Model 1520
S/N: 523771

PIANO-ID# 1213

Piano ID# 1213
Steinway Grand
Model M

PIANO-ID# 1212

Piano ID# 1212
Samick Grand
S/N HHG0974

PIANO-ID# 1211

Piano ID#  1211
Kawai Console
Model# UST8
 S/N: A98885

PIANO-ID# 1210

Piano ID#  1210
Kawai Model US75
S/N: 1717204

PIANO-ID# 1251

Piano ID#  1251
Essex Upright
Model EUP111E
S/N: E106323

PIANO-ID# 1252

Piano ID#  1252
Yamaha Studio
Model MC10A
S/N: 4902278

PIANO-ID# 1253

Piano ID#  1253
Pearl River
Model# UP115E
S/N 1105157


Piano ID#  815
Yamaha Grand
Model G2, Black Polish finish
S/N: 4701797

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We do more than just refurbish pianos, in many cases, we rebuild them with better materials than the original. With our experience and expertise, we make sure that any instrument we sell performs at or beyond its original manufacturer's specifications. Contact us, you will be amazed at the piano you can buy for the money. We can cover all phases of your purchase - from helping you choose the right piano, to delivery and installation, and ongoing maintenance.

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